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Measurement /analysis /evaluation:support system

Technical support system

Measurement / analysis
/ evaluation

We contribute to the customer’s production and development.

Measuring, analyzing, and evaluating material properties from various angles,
we recommend machine selections and production line configurations
based on accurate data.

List of measurement devices

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Measured items Measurement devices
Particle size distribution Sieve shaker
Particle size distribution Laser diffraction type particle size distribution measurement device
Shape Scanning electron microscope (SEM)
Powder characteristics Powder tester
Rheological properties Cone-plate viscometer
Wettability Pulse NMR type device
for evaluating surface properties
properties of
Water content (%) Halogen moisture meter

Measuring device description

Particle size distribution
Sieve shaker

It rotates a sample on the sieve surface, adds the
vertical motion to the sample under the impact of
the tapping hammer, activates to shuffle particles
hitting the sieve surface, enhances the analysis
efficiency and performs screening.

Measuring device specifications
Model Ro-Tap sieve shaker
Sample amount 50~100g
Particle size range 32μm~8000μm

Particle size distribution
Laser diffraction type particle size
distribution measurement device

The particle diameter information scattered by the
irradiation of thre e la sers on the s ample is
detected at certain angles and the particle size
distribution is calculated.

Measuring device specifications
Model MT3300EXⅡ
Sample amount 2~5g
Particle size range 0.02μm~1400μm

Scanning electron microscope (SEM)

A microscope to observe an object by irradiating
an electron beam to the object and detecting
secondary electrons emitted from the object.
The structure of the sample’s surface can be finely

Measuring device specifications
Model VE-9800
Sample amount 0.2~1g
Magnification ratio 15~20,000 times

Powder characteristics
Powder tester

The powder characteristics evaluation device
proposed by Dr. Carr measures 7 kinds of
characteristic values and 3 kinds of supplementary
values as well and quantitatively evaluates
“fluidity” and “jettability” of the powder.

Measuring device specifications
Model PT-S
Sample amount 1000mL
Measured items Angle of repose,
Angle of spatula,
Angle of rupture,
Angle of difference,
Loose bulk density,
Packed bulk density,

Rheological properties
Cone-plate viscometer

An inner cylinder rotates at a desired angular
velocity. The viscosity is measured as the rotating
speed is varied at will.
The rheological properties of a non-Newtonian
fluid can be observed by measuring the viscosity
at different shear rates.

Measuring device specifications
Sample amount 20mL
Viscosity range 3~2,000,000mPa·s

Pulse NMR type device for
evaluating interface property

It measures the relaxation time of liquid molecules
adsorbed to particle surfaces and of molecules in
the bulk liquid, since the response to the change
of the magnetic field is different between the liquid
contacting or adsorbing to the particle surface
and the bulk liquid (H+ of the free state liquid not
in contact with the particle surface).

Measuring device specifications
Model Acorn aria
Sample amount 10mL
Measured items HRelaxation time

Water content (%)
Halogen moisture meter

A halogen heating module heats the sample very
quickly, causing the water to evaporate.
The moisture meter continuously measures the
weight of the sample during the drying process and
displays the reduction of the water content.
When the drying process ends, the final results for
the water content and the dry matter content of
the sample are displayed.

Measuring device specifications
Model HG63-P
Sample amount 10~20g
Temperature range 40~200℃


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