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Wonderful Tokoname

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Wonderful Tokoname

Wonderfully nostalgic Tokoname

Tokoname, a town of pottery, the sea, and the sky

Tokoname is situated in the center of the Chita Peninsula and i s one of the “Six Old Kilns of Japan.”
The town has been known for its pottery since the Heian period (794 – 1185).
With the opening of Central Japan International Airport in 2005, Tokoname became the gateway to
the skies of central Japan, and the town has continued to develop, with many new businesses
opening and more visitors coming every year.
Please come and visit wonderful Tokoname, a town that blends the old and the new.

New attractions for visitors
Central Japan International Airport (Centrair)
Since it so pening in 2005 , Central Japan International Airport has linked Tokoname with every part of Japan and the world, with large numbers of travelers coming through every year.
Many tourists visit the observation deck to watch the planes taking off and landing.
Central Japan International Airport (Centrair)
Centrair Sky Deck
Centrair 4th Floor:Chochin-yokocho Japanese restaurant street
Centrair Bathhouse with a View: Fu no Yu
Centrair features many shops and restaurants that deliver the flavors of the Chita Peninsula to travelers. Note merely an airport, Centrair has become a major tourist destination, with special events being staged throughout the year.
Rinku Beach
An artificial beach on the opposite shore from Centrair. The largest artificial beach in the Tokai region (630 meters long) Airplanes can be seen up close from the sand.
Fishing and strolling are also enjoyable here.
In the summer, the beach is full of visitors barbecuing and swimming in the sea.

The historical streetscape is inexpressibly nostalgic.
The Pottery Footpath
The Pottery Footpath: Ascending Kiln
The Pottery Footpath: Takita Family Shipping Agency
The Pottery Footpath: Clay Pipe Hill
A footpath on low hills in the heart of town The footpath starts at the Ceramic Hall, which is five to ten minutes on foot from Tokoname Station. Enjoy a s troll through the maze of streets and alleyways.
The Clay Pipe Hill is one of the emblematic sights on the Pottery Footpath.
Clay pipes from the Meiji period (1868 - 1912) and shochu pots from the early Showa period (1926 - 1945) are tightly packed into the walls of the hill. The sloping path is paved with discarded kesawa, rings that are used during the firing of the clay pipes, to provide traction and prevent slipping.
The Clay Pipe Hill has been selected as one of the Top 100 Historical Sites of Beautiful Japan.

  Tokoname:Where people gather
Spring Festival: Makiwara boat
Spring Festival
The market is thronged with people
Tokoname Ware Festival
Fireworks in the cool of the evening
Spring Festival
From late March to early May, magnificent traditional floats are paraded throughout the town, accompanied by festival music, and splendid Karakuri puppet shows are staged.
A total of twenty floats are on parade, and they are carefully preserved.
In the Ono district, the festival also features a Makiwara boat adorned with lanterns.
Tokoname Ware Festival
The town’s largest event of the year, held at the Ceramall and throughout Tokoname.
A vast spot-sale market for Tokoname ware, with an overwhelming assortment of goods.
On Saturday night, the sky is resplendent with fireworks.



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