Makino, as a specialist in crushing, filtration, and drying, supports manufacturing in a wide range of fields, from industry to the environment.

Design Section

Design section, Design department Joined the company in 2014,majored in material chemistry

Designing is an enjoyable task because the things I design are later materialized.
Try to do whatever you want to!

Q1. Tell us about your current job.
My main job is designing filter presses.
I have frequent meetings with customers to make proposals and determine specifications.
I draw a plan for each part and request for it to be produced once the specification is determined.
Besides these aspects, I design special machines that use robots.
Q2. What are the things you think are important when you work?
Providing reports, keeping the lines of communication open, and asking for guidance or advice in our work are indispensable.
Since being in charge of several projects, I work efficiently by considering work priorities.
I always communicate with my boss, and ask for guidance when it comes to a difficult project.
Q3. What is a challenging thing about your job?
What motivates you?
When seeing our customers use the machine I designed, I feel good about our accomplishments.
When I make mistakes, I learn from the experience and develop a better machine.
Q4. Tell us about your future career plan and goals.
Now I design using 2 dimensional CAD. In the future, I will do 3D model design with 3 dimensional CAD.
I will learn structural analysis and machine processing, and take a national examination.
Q5. Any messages to junior colleagues?
Machine capacity and its cost are dependent on the design.
I have a big responsibility, but I enjoy being responsible for this job.
More than anything, it is fun to see the machines I design.
Why don’t we work together?
Daily work schedule
 8:30 Meeting,
Check e-mails
 9:00 Meeting with people
from Sales section
10:00 Break
10:10 Creation of assembly drawing /
machine part drawing
12:00 Lunch
12:50 Creation of assembly drawing /
machine parts drawing
15:00 Break
15:10 Meeting with people from the Production section and confirming the status of products under construction
16:00 Progress check,
Business report
17:40 Clean up
End of work
Design section, Design department Joined the company in 2015,majored in economics

Opinions and ideas are immediately adopted.
I become confident with my job while working.

Q1. Tell us about your current job.
Design is the most important aspect as machine manufacturer.
I input the data of the parts from the designer’s drawing into the in-house system.
Based on the data, the purchasing department arranges the necessary parts, and the manufacturing department processes these parts.
Besides these duties, I have some other jobs such as creating a work table for the design staff, and inputting and managing the daily report.
Q2. What is a challenging thing about your job?
What motivates you?
Teamwork motivates me.
The design department has a good working atmosphere, and opinions and ideas are clearly taken into account, which makes me motivated.
When I have a trouble with my job, I manage to solve it by cooperating with the team. That’s the moment I feel satisfied with my job.
Q3. Do you have any projects that made you change?
When a new system for drawing was introduced, I was chosen as one of the project members.
I multilaterally verified how to make the system easier and more effective to use. My opinion was adopted in the system.
As a result, the capabilities of the system have improved dramatically, and the flow of work has become smoother.
This experience gave me great confidence.
Q4. Tell us about your future career plan and goals.
The primary goal is to eliminate careless mistakes.
My mistakes have a big influence on manufacturing.
Eliminating careless mistakes reduces waste, improves quality, and contributes to profit.
Although I have no experience, I would like to design machines using CAD and try something completely new.
Q5. Tell us what appeals to you in Makino.
There are many good things about working here, especially that everybody around me is nice.
I can work hard even if I am busy or have difficulties.
We have a good working environment where we easily express our opinions and communicate with each other. That is a good aspect.
Q6. Any messages to junior colleagues?
Makino is a company where we can spread our wings.
Let’s work hard together.
Daily work schedule
 8:30 Arrive at office,
Morning meeting
 9:00 Check e-mails,
Daily report input
10:00 Break
10:10 Progress schedule,
working hours,
Drawing time input
12:00 Lunch
12:50 Drawing release
(preparation of
table of contents)
15:00 Break
15:10 Drawing release
(registration of
scan system)
16:00 Drawing release
arrangement input)
17:40 Clean up,
End of work


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