Makino, as a specialist in crushing, filtration, and drying, supports manufacturing in a wide range of fields, from industry to the environment.

Engineering Works Quality Control Section

Engineering / Quality control section,Manufacturing department Joined the company in 2014,majored in Mechanical creative engineering

When a machine is completed, I feel my job is rewarding, because I am involved in one of the processes of arranging this material.

Q1. Tell us about your current job.
I arrange necessary steel materials from the drawing of the design section, understand the delivery date and the progress situation of a machinery we manufacture, and I’m responsible for not to cause delays in the process.
Q2. What are the things you think important when you work?
Work closely with the experts in the field and make sure the materials are arranged correctly.
Once I misunderstood the dimensions of the material that I ordered, which might have caused a loss of millions of yens.
When it happened, I asked to change a design so that we could use the dimensionally wrong material, somehow I covered the mistake.
Since then, I carefully arrange materials, checking one by one, and I have taken responsibility for my work.
I prioritize jobs in the field, try not to say “ No.”
Q3. What is a challeng thing about your job?
What motivates you?
When a machine is completed, I feel my job is rewarding, because I am involved in one of the processes of arranging this material.
The section that I’m working is related to all the manufacturing sections, so I could learn processing and assembling methods from other sections.
Q4. Tell us what appeals to you in Makino.
First, everybody is kind and friendly.
(Except when they are in a bad mood…. kidding!!)
I appreciate some help from senior colleagues when they spare some time, answering my questions even if they are busy.
Q5. Any messages to junior colleagues?
You enjoy working here.
Senior colleagues are kind and friendly.
Even if we don’t know anything, don’t worry. Our seniors will teach us everything from A to Z.
Why not working with us?
Daily work schedule
 8:30 Parts shipping, Maintenance,
Confirm arrangement of work
 9:00 Go to the factory to confirm whether
materials and goods are good enough
10:00 Break
10:10 Arrangement of
manufacturing parts
12:00 Lunch
12:50 Warehousing, operation of goods of planned production,
Delivery and sorting operation of the arranged steel materials
15:00 Break
15:10 Arrangement of
machine manufacturing parts
16:00 Item inspection work
17:40 End of work


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