Makino, as a specialist in crushing, filtration, and drying, supports manufacturing in a wide range of fields, from industry to the environment.

Purchasing Section

Purchasing section, Purchasing department Joined the company in 2012,majored in Advanced mechanical engineering

We integrated system of production from raw material to finished product and I have a lot of things to learn. I can acquire knowledge and improve myself.

Q1. Tell us about your current job.
I purchase parts and external products.
A machine consists of various parts.
I negotiate prices and manage delivery date with manufacturers, trading companies and processing companies.
Q2. How was it that you actually joined Makino?
Started with business manners training when joining the company, I thought that it has an environment for upgrading skills such as lectures for acquiring qualifications and internal study meetings.
I also have opportunities to participate in various exhibitions and gain knowledge.
Q3. What are the challenges on your job?
What motivates you?
I achieve a sense of accomplishment when negotiations work well and a machine is completed despite a project that is strict in price and delivery time.
Makino integrates manufacturing various mechanical equipment.
Since the purchasing department get involved in many processes, knowledge about that field is required.
For that reason I have a lot to learn. Yet, I can accumulate knowledge for each job and improve myself, which I am satisfied with.
Q4. Tell us what appeals to you in Makino.
Makino is a company with about 150 employees and does not have its own recreational facilities as welfare facilities.
But it possesses multiple resort hotel memberships and any employee can use the privilege.
In addition, it has a softball club and I practice it and have games, sweating on holidays.
We have a golf club although I am not a member.
Through these fun activities, I have a platform to communicate with my boss, seniors and juniors.
This close communication is useful for work.
Q5. Any messages to junior colleagues?
Our company has a culture of openness and trust.
We are encouraged to speak out our opinions and suggestions regardless of our career or experience.
With various kind of jobs, I have grave responsibility. But I enjoy those jobs being left up to me.
Daily work schedule
 8:30 Taking part in the
morning meeting in our section
 9:00 Confirming instructions,
Organizing slips
10:00 Break
10:10 Looking around the
factory to check the finish status of the secondary process
11:00 Creating Order request form,
processing instructions
(Meetingwith suppliers)
12:00 Lunch
12:50 Creating Order request form,
processing instructions
(Meetingwith suppliers)
15:00 Break
15:10 Creating Order request form,
processing instructions
(Meetingwith suppliers)
17:40 End of work


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