Makino, as a specialist in crushing, filtration, and drying, supports manufacturing in a wide range of fields, from industry to the environment.

Sales Section

Sales section,First sales department Joined the company in 2010,majored in Mechanical engineering

From receipt of orders,
manufacturing to follow-up.
It is challenging and I have great responsibility.

Q1. Why did you choose Makino?
There were few companies that integrate manufacturing from materials processing, welding, and to assembling during job hunting.
I was amazed by the technology and power when I saw a large machine was assembled with various large and small machine parts.
Q2. What are the things you think important when you work?
I try to listen to opinions and advices from my boss and seniors.
Soon after I joined the company, being given some advice, noticed from a different perspective for the cause of a problem that I failed to notice, helped me to solve the problem.
Q3. What are the challenges on your job?
What motivates you?
We have transactions with customers in various industries, it is challenging to learn and absorb various kinds of knowledge, but I can improve my skills as sales.
Sales are the key department of the company.
I’m delighted when I was able to accept orders as a result of a tough negotiation with a customer.
I assume a heavy responsibility, but it is rewarding.
Q4. Do you feel that you have grown since you joined the company?
Now I can communicate with others better and effectively, compared to my school days.
I have realized that I am getting not too shy talking with people, not only the same generation but also people of all ages.
When I was a student, I tend to rely on others, but now I work voluntarily toward dealing with things.
Q5. Any messages to junior employees?
Even though you might get confused and have many things to worry about at first, we can work together until you are well settled.
Daily work schedule
 8:30 Meeting
Checking e-mails
 9:00 Contacting customers,
Confirming specifications,
Make appointments
10:00 Meeting with Design
and Manufacturing departments
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Visiting customers,
Meeting on specifications
Confirming machine installation sites
16:00 Coming back
to the office,
Preparing a quotation, Work report
17:40 End of work


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