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De-airing extrusion machine:Other


De-airing extrusion machine

An extrusion machine capable of high-pressure extrusion
of ceramic products made in honeycomb shaped products.


  • The main kneading, de-airing, and extrusion sections are in module design and can be combined
    to fit the customer’s specifications.
  • Highly wear-resistant materials are used in the material contact parts (liners and augers in the
    supply, kneading, and pressing zones.)
  • Cooling jacket structures are used in the barrel and augers to prevent temperature rise during the
  • A hydraulic driven screen changer system is available for easier screen replacement.
  • Pressure sensors and temperature sensors can be installed in the extrusion barrels and the
    pressure head.
It is used for:
Various types of ceramic filters (DPF, NOx removal catalyst,
cleaning filters, etc.), insulators, sensors, etc.


Model Barrel diameter (mm) Maximum extrusion pressure (bar) Tilt angle
VALR 50 50 50
VAQRS 50 50 150 0-90°
VAQRS 80 80 150 0-90°
VAH RS 120 120 150
VAH RS 160 160 150
VAH RS 250 250 150
VAH RS 350 350 150
VAH RS 430 430 150

The specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice.
We design machines as per your products.

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