Makino, as a specialist in crushing, filtration, and drying, supports manufacturing in a wide range of fields, from industry to the environment.

Portable Thickener Portable turbid water treatment device:Filtration


Portable Thickener Portable turbid water treatment device

Makino’s filtration technology is widely used in many different fields for a wide range of production processes and wastewater treatment applications.


  • To improve the filtration efficiency of the filtering process, chemicals are added to the raw water as
    a pre-treatment, helping the solids in the water to flocculate and settle out.
  • The installation of inner inclined plates allows flocculation faster, making the thickener smaller for
    space saving.
  • Transportation, installation, and removal are easy, and it can be used wherever equipment is
    needed only temporarily.
  • The filtration device is incorporated into a single compact unit, making this transportable turbid
    treatment machine.
It is used for:
  • Wastewater from mountain tunnel projects
  • Wastewater from dam construction
  • Wastewater from public works projects
  • Wastewater from dredging operations

Flow of portable turbid water treatment

Flow of portable turbid water treatment

Overall dimensions

Overall dimensions



Model MPT-15 MPT-30 MPT-50 MPT-100 MPT-150 MPT-200
(m3/Hr) 5 ~ 20 20 ~ 40 40 ~ 60 80 ~ 120 140 ~ 160 180 ~ 210
(mg/ℓ) 2000 ~ 15000
Length L (mm) 4450 6050 8550 7800 14000 13060
Width W (mm) 2200 2350
Height H (mm) 2450 2800 4400
Weight (kg) 4500 5500 7500 11000 14000 17000
Filter press DMS610 MF810 MF810 MF810 ~ 1150 MF1150 ~ 1500 MF1500 ~ 2000

The machine weight and dimensions are for a thickener part only.
The specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice.

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