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Fine roller mill (Super Alpha II):Other


Fine roller mill (Super Alpha II)

Fine roller mill improves the quality of ceramic material.


  • Roller gap can be precisely adjusted by motor control.
  • We propose the best rollers (length, diameter) for the throughput.
  • A roller turning machine provided as standard equipment ensures that the roller surfaces can be
    regularly turned, providing a uniform gap between the rollers all the time.
  • Having the vibration free mount from the roller mill, the turning machine does not need to be
    removed from the roller mill during crushing operations.
  • Both single and double cutting tools are available and can be chosen to match the roller diameter
    and frequency of the use.
  • An accumulator operates by momentarily opening the gap between the rollers to let uncrushable
    foreign objects fall through, thus preventing damage to the rollers and the mill.
It is used for:
  • Roof tiles
  • Wet tiles
  • Bricks
  • Other ceramic materials

Overload protection device

The accumulator momentarily opens the gap
between the rollers to let uncrushable foreign
objects fall through, thus preventing
damage to the roller shell and the mill.

Overload protection device

Roller gap adjustment device

It automatically sets the roller gap after rollers
are turned. (driven by a servomotor)

Roller gap adjustment device

Roller turning machine

  • The cutting operation is extremely simple and
    can be performed in a short time.
  • The turning accuracy is high, providing a
    necessary roller gap to ensure the quality of
    the material.
  • The cutting tips are available as a single-head
    type and a double-head type, and can be
    chosen to suit the size of the rollers and its
    turning time.
Roller turning machine

Overall dimensions

Overall dimensions


Model Roller
with 1 mm gap
for 2 motors
L × W × H
WFZH8100d 800/1000 100 72 ~ 92 90 × 2 4950 × 3000 × 2000 24400
WFZH8120d 800/1200 100 88 ~ 111 110 × 2 4600 × 3000 × 2000 26100
WFZH8150d 800/1500 100 109 ~ 139 132 × 2 5300 × 3000 × 2000 27800
WFZH10120d 1000/1200 120 83 ~ 111 110 × 2 5000 × 3400 × 2100 34500
WFZH10150d 1000/1500 120 104 ~ 139 132 × 2 5300 × 5300 × 2100 40500

The machine dimensions include the drive motors, but do not include feed and discharge chute.
The specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice.

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